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Y3A Business Solutions of Afghanistan completes the imeplementation of VantagePoint ERP solution for their supply change management. Y3A is the nationwide distributor of set top boxes for Oqaab. The procurement, warehousing, distribution, dealer sales and the complete supply chain management solution is designed and implemented by CSS.

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CentrePoint Call Centre solution is now available in hosted model in Indonesia. CSS had partnered with Commsol Indonesia and deployed a hosted solution in Jakarta. The solution will be available across the country catering for the requirement of hosted inbound, outbound and managed services.

Rancon Holdings, a conglomerate of Bangladesh has appointed CSS as their management consultant for all there business interests in the ICT sector. Rancon Holdings oversees the oprations of Ranks Telecommunication Ltd (RanksTel), Ranks Information Technology and Telecommunications Limited (Ranks ITT) and Softex Communication Limited. These three organisations have various licenses issued by BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatorty Commission) that operates under four SBUs (Separate Business Units). PSTN and IGW operations are under RanksTel, ISP operations is under RanksITT and ICX operations is under Softex. CSS will work closely with the management of all these organisations to optimise their operations, increase profitablity and guide them to the next phase of expansion.

Life & Health Limited, the company representing Bangkok Hospital (Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC - BDMS) in Bangladesh signs with CSS to provide them a comprehensive outpatient and clinic management solution. This solution will be deployed in the four clincs across three cities Bangladesh and their head quarter in Bangkok. The cloud based solution will maintain records of all patients, their health profiles, prescriptions, internal logistics and service management. The deal was signed by Dr Shakti Ranjan Paul, specialist of Internal Medicine and adviser of Bangkok Hospital and Shaniur T I M Nabi, CEO of Connect Seven Solution Sdn Bhd.

Afghanistan's digital terrestrial transmission and media company Oqaab goes live with there call centre solution provided by CSS. The CentrePoint call centre solution at Kabul is managed by CSS local partner for Afghanistan, Y3A Business Solutions. Anyone in Afghanistan can reach the Oqaab call centre by dialling 880. On 13th November 2014, this deal was signed and the project has been successfully completed. The total capacity of the solution is up to 240 concurrent agents with full hardware redundancy.

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