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Nabila Boutiques Ltd

Last updated: 15th June 2014

Nabila, a leading fashion mall in Bangladesh selects VantagePoint with integrated POS for their ERP solution.

The solution will add online sales module in their website to target international customers. Point of Sales (POS) installed in their Gulshan and Uttara store will be able to synchronise with the VantagePoint ERP. Their multiple production houses will also be online with the central ERP. This will enable Nabila to track procurement, retail local & online international sales, inventory, local production management and accounting in a single system.

Role of CSS

After the initial requirement gathering from Nabila, CSS went though the complete analysis and system design for Nabila and successfully implemented VantagePoint for Nabila. As of this month (June 2011), the POS integration with their Gulshan store is being implemented and in July 2011, the online sales module for their new website was operational.

With over 24,000 different items in the inventory, over 14,000 registered customers, Nabila is currently the largest single store shopping mall in the country.