• Raptor Softswitch
  • CentrePoint
  • VantagePoint Office Edition

Y3A Business Solutions of Afghanistan completes the implementation of VantagePoint ERP solution for their supply change management. Y3A is the nationwide distributor of set top boxes for Oqaab. The procurement, warehousing, distribution, dealer sales and the complete supply chain management solution is designed and implemented by CSS.

The solution comprises of the following modules:

  1. Master Data Management
    1. Vendor Data Management
    2. Product Information Management
    3. Customer Data Management
    4. Serial Number Management
  2. Procurement Management
    1. Purchase Order
    2. Serial Number Generator
    3. Purchase Invoice
    4. Goods Receipt
  3. Warehouse Management
    1. Goods Movement
    2. Multiple Store Management
    3. Storage Bins
  4. Sales Management
    1. Quotation
    2. Sales Order
    3. Goods Shipment
    4. Sales Invoice
    5. Point of Sales
  5. Finance & Accounts
    1. G/L Journal
    2. Trial Balance
    3. Profit & Loss
    4. Balance Sheet
    5. Accounts Receivable
    6. Accounts Payable
    7. Payment Management
    8. Bank Reconciliation

To easy and quick sales process a custom made web-POS has been deployed in the cloud that can be accessed from any sales point in the country.