Corporate Information

Established in 2010, Connect Seven Solution Sdn Bhd (CSS) is a Malaysian registered (registration number: 924787-D) MSC Status company dealing in the field of telecommunication and software development.

With the globalisation of trade and commerce, Connect Seven Solution is also involved to introduce Malaysian products in the world market and also to introduce the international high tech products in the local market being as a developer, importer and also with joint venture with other organisations of the world.

Although Connect Seven Solution is a relatively new Malaysian registered company, the stakeholders and directors consists of a team of professionals from USA, Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Each member coming with vast experiences in ICT, retail, manufacturing, marketing, hospitality, heath care, aviation, Government and defence sectors.

Products and services of CSS are divided into four major categories or families; Impress, Summit, Helix and Concierge. More details available from our Products, Services and Solutions page.

CSS also offers business advisory in diverse industries, IT consulting, risk and compliance services designed to:

  • improve business performance
  • comply with complex regulations
  • resolve dispute
  • recover from distress
  • leverage technology
  • stimulate growth
  • drive operational efficiency and
  • maximise ROI

CSS has a partnership driven approach and our seasoned practitioners engage actively with our clients to ensure realisation of benefits. Powered by a global pool of talented professionals excelling in enterprise solutions, client relationship management, business intelligence, business process quality, operations management, engineering solutions, product life-cycle management and infrastructure services; our tested, measurable, implementable and adjustable solutions are able to provide an integrated consulting, product engineering and business process outsourcing.

CSS provides comprehensive solutions for:

  • telecommunication soft switch
  • telecom and ISP billing
  • secure communication
  • contact centre
  • digital convergence
  • system migration
  • enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • process automation
  • security & surveillance
  • web application development
  • mobile applications
  • customised software development

The main strength behind us is product quality, after sales service, total customer satisfaction and full comprehensive warranty for product and service ranging from 3 months to 10 years depending on the products and service.

Industry Focus

Telecommunication: CSS focuses strongly in the development of various telecommunication solutions, providing soft switches, billing solution, MVNO, VAS, telecommunication network planning, seamless migration from legacy systems, CRM, IP Centrex, contact centre solution etc.

Government and Defence:
Government agencies have seen an increased need for improving and developing their information technology landscapes. This is seen as a step to increase connectivity to the masses, simplify management of state/local resources and facilitate transparency. CSS provides automated systems for collection of sales tax, land records, submission of tax return, specialised ERP and HR solution that enables Governments to take a step towards e-Governance.

SME Sector: Perhaps the most neglected sector for business and process automation is the SME sector. While big businesses can opt for expensive solutions, it is the SME sector that struggles to get it because of the high cost. CSS specialises in providing affordable office and process automation solution to SMEs from various types of business. Retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, service providers, tourism, hospitality, education, transport and logistics are some of the verticals for which specialised automation solution is available.

Banking, Finance and Audit:
Customised solutions for the banking and finance sector are needed to cut down the inefficiencies and streamline the processes for greater customer satisfaction. We enable our customers across Banking and Capital Markets industry; globally build the bankable future with our expertise, experience and solutions.

Every manufacturing industry has its unique requirement based on the production line, material requirement, waste management, cost of production, supply chain management etc.  In line with the constant change that the manufacturing sector experiences, CSS tracks, analyses, develops and implements automotive industry solutions that cover every aspect of this business right from processes like procurement and logistics to product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and after sales.