TouchPoint OSS & BSS

TouchPoint Convergent Billing and Provisioning Solution is designed for Telecommunication Service Providers (TSP) involved in mobile, PSTN and IP Telephony domain. This telco-grade solution is independent of the size of subscriber base, switching points, access nodes and service types. The XDR based billing solution allows the TSPs to generate converged invoices to any number of service types.

Operators providing tripple-play services with multiple VAS with the need to bill on usage, fixed rate or any combination of parameters can be implemented with TouchPoint. The solution addresses the telecommunication trend to offer Over The Top (OTT) services with multi-application, multi-service type billing requirement. This flexibility of billing and provisioning ensures that the operators are future ready to adapt new services.

Some of the key advantages of TouchPoint solution:

  • Complete Solution: A single point for billing and provisioning solution that gives a single point of management.
  • Modular: Operators can select any combination of modules that suits their business needs.
  • Cost Effective: Automated processes helps operators to reduce on their HR cost and increase efficiency is service provisioning.

TouchPoint is beneficial for:

  • Start-up operators
  • Operators growing rapidly
  • Operators providing multiple types of services and requires multiple billing modes
  • Operators that currently have non-integrated, multi-vendor solutions but needs convergent billing and provisioning
  • Operators that has legacy systems and needs to migrate to modern NGN platform

An array of tools and modules are made available to support their business and operations. With heavy focus on Over The Top (OTT), Content, Marketing, MVNO, VoIP and legacy network operators with hybrid topology; TouchPoint is here to get their business on the move. Combining all tools, the integrated solution can take care of 99% of the tasks that operators need to perform on a daily basis.

Based on operator requirements and objective these tools can be clustered together. Below are some examples of clustering few tools to achieve certain objectives.

Business Support System (BSS)

A range of modules under the BSS is tailored made for operators and service providers.

Master Data Management

Sales Process

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Ticketing

Excellent customer service experience is the key to success for all operators. A robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is paramount to achieve that success. TouchPoint’s CRM module ensures that the operator's customer service representative is equipped with all the necessary information and troubleshooting tools to answer and resolve any customer enquiries.

These tools will enable the customer care representatives to provide current information on their services, enable them to register and sign-up new customers over the phone, get access to customer information with their activity history, tools to troubleshoot level one support with maximum automation to speed up the support process. Comprehensive ticket management system to register all communication via calls and emails will give their business management an overview of customer support related activities.

TouchPoint CRM module is seamlessly integrated with our CentrePoint Call Centre Solution. This enables all all sales and support calls to be logged, recorded and linked to the tickets that are generated. This also enables the system to route calls to various departments and priority customer care groups based on the CLI, time of day, last action ticket, package subscription, account status and many other parameters. IVR, ACD and hotline routing can be configured based on various parameters and customer activity data that is logged in the CRM.

Procurement Process

Warehouse & Asset

IP & PoP

Site Survey and ROI (Return on Investment)

Finance & Accounts

Convergent Billing

TouchPoint’s Convergent Billing solution is an integrated platform for voice, data and content billing. This XDR based solution is idea for retail triple-play, VAS and corporate billing. The solution is integrated with customer provisioning, account activation, suspension, credit control process, revenue assurance related business intelligence and online customer and management portal. The solution enables operators to build robust packages with bonus features, variable period control, call and data blocks and tariff based on customer types, location, link type, content classification, service level and grade of service.

The solution also provides billing for service providers, interconnect and whole sale billing. Balance of payments against traffic exchange or any other service type exchange can be incorporated. Seamlessly integrated with VantagePoint ERP, the convergent billing platform connects with accounts payable and receivables.


Operating Support System (OSS)


Integration with VantagePoint ERP and CentrePoint Call Centre

TouchPoint is completely integrated with our VantagePoint ERP solution. This enables the operators to enjoy all the modules of VantagePoint ERP that are custom designed for telecom and service provider industry. Sales, purchase, inventory, HR, project, finance & accounts management modules are completely integrated in the same application interface. The interfaces are designed for specific service roles by various users and groups in the organisation. Those in CRM will have their required modules integrated with the call centre solution and active dashboard. The back office management team will have their interface designed and customised based on their operational requirements. Engineering and operations team will have their modules grouped and designed as per their requirements and operation services. Jointly with VantagePoint ERP and CentrePoint Call Centre, the complete solution has different faces that is suitable for each of the operations yet completely and seamlessly integrated.

Implementation of TouchPoint OSS and BSS platform is custom designed to each operator's specific requirements, operational challenges, management efficiency and most importantly excellent customer experience.