The 7 Behind Connect Seven

Dato Mohd Taufik Haji Omar

Dato Mohd Taufik Haji Omar, Chairman

Dato Taufik is the Chairman of Connect Seven Solution.  He also holds directorships in several companies and he is also president of the judo federation. A strong visionary and successful Malaysian entrepreneur, Dato Taufik is one of the key policy and decision makers of Connect Seven Solution.

T I M Nurun Nabi, Director

T I M Nurun Nabi

Director of Connect Seven Solution, Mr T I M Nurun Nabi is one of the pioneers of telecommunication privatization in Bangladesh. His organization was the first privatized telecommunication company in Bangladesh. His other organization was also the first joint venture company in Bangladesh for the manufacturing of white goods in the country. With 41 years of experience in telecommunication, his contribution is vital in the business development of Connect Seven Solution.

Ir Hj Zakaria Husin (ASM), Director

Ir Hj Zakaria Husin (ASM)

Director of Connect Seven Solution, Mr Ir Hj Zakaria Husin(ASM) is a very experienced professional engineer in the telecommunication industry, having spent more than 26 years in Telekom Malaysia and its subsidiaries. The long years of his work in Telekom Malaysia has carried him through the many varieties of technology from the fixed telecommunication technology- line plants, transmission and switching, the cellular, IT etc. He started his carrier in this industry in 1979 after graduating from the University of Tasmania with a first class honours in Electrical Communication. His illustrious carrier in Telekom Malaysia has earned him outstanding awards such as ‘Sijil Khidmat Cemerlang' from Jabatan Telekom Malaysia and the award ASM from the His Majesty the Sultan of Terengganu.

Mark Bradley, Director

Mark Bradley

Director of Connect Seven Solution, Mr. Mark Bradley has thirty(30) years of experience in the Telecommunications and Information Technology industry, with over eighteen(18) years in the Asia Pacific region. During his career, he has worked for ITT World Communications, Reuters and Ericsson in the USA and Greater China. In the Asia-Pacific region, his efforts have been directed at business development, marketing and operations with a focus on Greater China. He has extensive experience in engineering development management of telecom infrastructure and products development.

Shaniur T I M Nabi, Director & CEO

Shaniur T I M Nabi

Mr. Shaniur is a dynamic engineer and entrepreneur with technical expertise in software development, telecommunication network management, security, optimisation and system integration. Experienced in planning, deploying and maintaining a nationwide PSTN network in Bangladesh. The network is a hybrid of traditional TDM network, soft switch, CDMA, Centrex and FTTH with a skilled workforce of 391 engineers, technicians and professionals. Also experienced in managing a software development team with multiple projects in ERP, CRM, map digitisation, soft switch, call centre solution, billing solution and web application development. He has a double degree from RMIT University, Australia on Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Engineering (Communication) with honours.

Ivan Wong, Advisor

Ivan Wong

Mr. Ivan Wong has more than twelve(12) years of experience working for and with telecom service operators and carriers in Asia-Pacific. Mr. Wong's passion and enthusiasm drives the business development and sales of Connect Seven Solution. Through his efforts, his other start-up business in Hong Kong has grown from a local company to one with a strong footprint in Asia-Pacific. Mr. Wong has successfully deployed a revenue sharing business model that significantly lowers the entry barrier for new entrants into the telecom services business. Such practice has effectively created a second tier of telecom operators in several developing countries in Asia-Pacific.

Henry Chiu, Advisor

Henry Chiu

Henry Chiu Yee Chuen's extensive experience in the IT and telecom industry over the last twenty(20) years includes assignments with IBM, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and the Department of Defence while working in the United States. He returned to Hong Kong and co-founded a start-up telecom business in 1999. Mr. Chiu's strategic vision of the technology and product roadmap for his Hong Kong based business has resulted in their position as a leading IP-based switching carrier solutions provider in Asia-Pacific. As a result of his direction, Connect Seven Solution is one of the few solutions providers in Asia Pacific to deliver complete telecom carrier switching solutions based entirely on their own software products.