CSS Products and Solutions

CSS specialises in four types of products and solutions:

  1. ERP and CRM:
    The ERP and CRM solution is built for small and mid-size businesses. There are a number of vertical applications that we support:
    1. Supply Chain is ideal for large logistics company that does distribution of goods for wholesalers and retailers. Ideal for complex inventory management that uses serialised products, bar code/QR code scanning/RFID tag management, goods in transit, faulty, lost items tracking etc.
    2. Factory Automation includes production management, material requirement planning based on sales forecast, costing, waste management, production efficiency etc.
    3. Retail vertical is ideal for multi-chain retail store management including customer loyalty, inventory management, sales and promotions, returns, exchanges and gift cards.
    4. Patient Management vertical is suitable for small clinics that want to manage their patient treatment history, appointments and logistics.
    5. Customer Support: Any business that wants to provide customer support via a help-desk management system can use the our CRM solution. The ticketing system allows you to do simple and complex tasks based on various types of tickets. It supports multiple departments, teams and unlimited templates for various activities.
    6. Sales Campaign vertical is suitable for marketing companies that requires to maintain various sales campaigns, track their activities and assign leads to various agents.
  2. Business and Operating Support Systems (BOSS)
    This solution is exclusively for the telecommunication industry. Ideal for ISPs, MVNOs and fixed line operators. Custom modules include (but not limited to):
    1. Provisioning
    2. Billing (post-paid and pre-paid)
    3. Customer fullfilment
    4. Support management
  3. Call Centre Solution
    Suitable for small and mid-size businesses.
  4. Soft-switch
    Class-4 switch with limited Class 5 features.

Our 24/7 local support is provided by highly skilled consultants and support staff. Apart from the state of the art solutions, we provide seamless local support and customisation that is key to our success.

In order to serve our clients better, we have created multiple data centres and enabled our clients to get local support. Our primary data centre is in Kuala Lumpur that can provide Telecom grade service uptime up-to (99.99%) and reliability. We also have local data centre presence in Hong Kong, Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Sydney (Australia).