The Challenge

Many companies are looking for a way to reduce the cost of providing an effective touch point for their business. For smaller companies the upfront cost of an advanced call centre solution is out of their budget. Even after investing in an on-site call centre system, the reoccurring cost of ownership is significant. There are license fees, maintenance fees for the hardware and software, IT support cost, floor space power and air conditioning and of course telephone lines.

Sudden changes in the business may bring challenges as your on-site system may need to be expanded or downsized in response to the business requirement. Lead times for equipment updates can be longer than you hope and waiting may cost you money. After getting past all these factors, there is then the problem of technology advancing and the system you purchased becoming obsolete and you are faced with the decision of upgrading.

The Answer

CentrePoint: An On-demand, Virtual Contact Centre solution can be the answer to these and many other challenges. You don't need to buy, maintain or manage a call centre. Focus on your business and manage your agents and leave the call centre to CentrePoint. The On-demand CentrePoint services require a personal computer and broadband internet service.

With CentrePoint service for a low monthly fee your company can offer a World Class Call Centre. CentrePoint can be customised to meet the image your company wishes to present and the service level that your callers expect. With the comprehensive reporting provided by CentrePoint, you can understand the performance of the call centre agents, incoming call activity and your service level provided to your callers. With the CentrePoint Campaign management the same call centre agents can accept incoming calls and optionally make outbound calls to your prospects or customers. All of this without the need to purchase any software or hardware or incoming phone lines with all the associated costs and headaches of managing your own call centre solution.

What is CentrePoint?

  • CentrePoint is an IP based hosted call centre solution
  • It provides comprehensive features for handling voice, real-time agent and call centre performance
  • It provides advanced Access, IVR and ACD functions
  • It can be implemented as an On-demand / Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • CentrePoint delivers call centre solutions for small and medium size enterprises (SME), eliminating their need to:
    • Purchase or host on-site Telco equipment
    • Rent inbound telephone lines
    • Plan expansion months in advance

Features and Benefits

  • Clear View of Contact Centre
    • CentrePoint reporting provides the Subscribing Client with a new level of information about the performance of the contact centre and the agents
  • Value-Added Service
    • Creates an opportunity for an ISP or TSO to offer attractive revenue generating service
  • Software as a Service Model (SaaS or On-demand)
    • Means no equipment at the customers’ premises
  • Rapid Subscription
    • Customers can be on-line and handling calls within the same day
  • Simple to Use
    • Designed to “keep it simple” removing the need for technical support for the Subscribing Clients
  • Special Service & Hotline Numbers
    • Create revenue by offering hotline numbers to companies
  • Subscribing Company/Client Specific
    • Each Subscribing Client can create its own image by customizing their audio, IVR and ACD flows
  • Leverage Existing Customers
    • TSO with broadband subscribers already has a captive market
  • Economy of Scale
    • Centralized facility, and economical and easy expansion reduce cost per agent
  • Expandable
    • Quick to expand in response to business growth
  • Mature Platform
    • Built on our state of the art “Raptor 2.0” platform
  • Subscribing Company Specific
    • Each Subscribing Client can create its own image and customer experience
Agent Panel - Toolbar
CentrePoint - Agent & Supervisor Login

Why there is a need for CentrePoint Call Centre Solution?

SMEs are unable to afford their own in-house call centre. A typical 20 seat call centre will cost over RM100,000 (US$30,000). These SMEs are not likely to sign up for a long term contract. Marketing and promotional companies normally require such service for a few months.

SMEs also generally require a low seat count. They want the flexibility in contracting service for as low as 1 seat. There are some SMEs that do not want to be tied down to fixed phone lines and they want to provide dedicated in-house service as internal staffs sometimes can provide better service to callers.

CetrePoint addresses these requirements and challenges faced by SMEs.

CentrePoint User Profiles

There are four (4) categories of user profiles in CentrePoint:

  1. Subscribing Company/Client (SC) Agents: One of more company staff members assigned to handle incoming calls as in the contact centre.
  2. Subscribing Company/Client (SC) Supervisors: One of more company staff members responsible for monitoring the operations of the contact centre agents and overall performance the contact centre.
  3. Subscribing Company/Client (SC) Administrator: Company staff responsible for initially configuring the VCC service including the agents, groups, ACDs, IVR call flows, recording audio prompts, run reports, etc.
  4. Service Administrators: Connect Seven staff responsible for creating and maintaining the subscribing company/client (sc) profile information including the allocation of agent seats and assignment of access numbers.

CentrePoint Services

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • Simple fill in the blanks programming
    • Multi-lingual support
    • Multiple levels of menu offered for selection via touch-tone input
    • Call transfer to ACD, another IVR call-flow, voice message box or specific agent
  • Automatic call Distribution (ACD)
    • Configurable hold times
    • Transfer to IVR for exit handling
    • Transfer to voice message box
    • Configurable prompt while on hold
    • Configurable hold music, ring tone, busy tone
    • Overflow to Alternate ACD or IVR to permit backup agents for busy periods
  • Hotline Routing
    • Inbound number assigned to IVR, ACD or named agent
    • Alternate routing based on hours of operation
    • Multiple hotline numbers to same routing (local and toll-free numbers)
  • Inbound Call Management
    • Hotline routing for IVR or ACD handling
    • Agent can Answer call, hold call, park call or answer call
    • Statistics related to inbound call handling captured for performance reporting
  • Outbound Call Management
    • Calls may originate from Agent
    • Call may originate from Outbound Call Campaign
    • Statistics of Outbound Calls captures for performance reports
  • Campaign Management / Predictive Dialling
    • Blended Outbound and Inbound campaign support
    • Based on Imported Contact List
    • Adaptive algorithm adjusts based on:
    • Number of available agents
    • Average talk time
    • Percentage of successful call connections
    • Average time on the ACD
  • Campaign Management / Predictive Dialling
    • Configurable ratio of inbound to outbound channels
    • Automatic retry of unsuccessful calls that have chance for complete
    • Status of all calls are recorded for reports
    • Exception Report for call that were unsuccessful
    • Agent wrap-up codes supported
    • Call completion report provided
  • Voice Messages Recording / Playback
    • Company wide voice message box for after hours messages
    • ACD specific voice message box
    • Agent specific voice message box
    • Agents assigned to an ACD may listen to messages for that ACD
  • Agent-to-Agent Communications
    • Text Chat
    • Intercom
    • Silent Monitoring

CentrePoint Reports and Alerts

CentrePoint - Agent Matrix
  1. Call Centre Performance Reports
    • Ad-hoc or Scheduled
    • Scheduled sent via email
    • Email formats of reports include: PDF, CSV, XLS, TXT and RTF
  2. Reports For Call Supervisor
    • Incoming Calls By User Report
    • Outgoing Calls by User Report
    • User Call Detail Report
    • User Call Summary Report
  3. Reports for Queue (ACD)
    • Abandoned Call Profile
    • Answered Call Profile
    • Profile of Average Wait to Answer
    • Profile of Calls Entering ACD
    • Maximum Wait to Answer
    • Distribution Queue Performance
  4. Reports for Agents
    • Agent Availability Detail
    • Agent Availability Summary
    • Agent Queue
    • Agent Performance Detail
    • Agent Performance Summary
  5. Reports related to IVR
    • IVR Summary By Date
    • IVR Summary Abandoned Report
  6. Real-Time Configurable Alerts based on
    • Agents performance
    • ACD queues
    • Supervisor notified if an alert condition is reached

Agent Features

CentrePoint - Agent and Supervisor Chat
  1. Incoming Call Handling
    • Answer
    • Hang-up
    • Hold
    • Transfer
    • Park
    • Mute
  2. Display / Set Agent Status
  3. Text chat
  4. Agent List with Status
  5. Calls Queued / Agents Online Stats
  6. Auto Answer Enable/Disable
  7. Agent-to-Agent Intercom
  8. Status / Event Scroll Back Display
  9. Support for External Phones

Supervisor Features

CentrePoint - Dashboard
  1. Broadcast message to all online agents
  2. Alert View / Acknowledge / History
  3. Summary Statistics
    • Current Total Calls
    • Today’s Total Calls
    • Current IVR Calls
    • Current Calls on Queue
    • Current Max Waiting Time
    • Today’s Max Waiting Time
    • Current Longest Talk Time
    • Today’s Longest Talk Time
    • Current Call on Hold
    • Current Longest Call on Hold
    • Today’s Max Hold Time
    • Number of Calls on Park
    • Today’s Number of Dropped Calls
  4. Agent Performance Statistics
    • Agent Name
    • Inbound: Current Caller ID
    • Outbound: Current Called ID
    • Agent Status
    • Login Time
    • Logout Time
    • Last Status Change Time
    • Today Talking Duration
    • Total Calls
    • Current Talking Duration
  5. ACD Performance Statistics
    • ACD Queue Name
    • ACD Group
    • Number of:
      • Agents logged in
      • Busy Agents
      • Available Agents
      • Not Available Agents
      • Current Calls
      • Parked Calls
      • Dropped Calls
    • Current Max Wait Duration
    • Today Max Wait Duration

Call Centre Administrator (CCA) Features

  • Agent Account Administration
  • Agent Grouping
  • Inbound Call Routing Configuration
  • IVR Setting
  • IVR Call flow Management
  • Reporting
  • Alert Setting
  • Voice Mail Administration
  • ACD Configuration
  • Voice Recording
  • Schedule Setting

Voice Message Playback Features

  • Review recorded calls (conversations) listing
  • Load & Listen to recorded calls
  • Review voice mail for agent
  • Load and listen to voice mail
  • Upload agent personal greeting
  • Upload agent invitation to leave a voice message
  • Detailed Call Listing (pdf)
  • Summary Call Listing (pdf)



Hosted Model

CentrePoint for hosted model comes in two editions, Basic and Standard. The license fee is based on concurrent users that are actively using the system. Clients can have unlimited agent accounts registered into the system. Once the maximum license number is reached, the system will prevent other agents to login.

CentrePoint Edition Features and Pricing

Setup and Other Charges
  • One time setup fee: RM1,500. Includes one day on-site training.
  • Additional on-site training: RM1,000/day
  • All plans come with one free hotline number from Connect Seven Solution. The number is from +60-154xxx-xxxx series.
    • Additional hotline numbers can be added for RM10/month
    • All incoming calls are FREE.
  • Outbound calls to any number in Malaysia is billed at RM0.10/minute. Note: This rate is not applicable for any automated voice blast, survey or any such services. This is strictly the outbound rate when an agent makes an outbound call.
  • Extended call recording storage from 3 to 6 months: RM35/concurrent user/month
  • Extended call recording storage from 3 to 12 months: RM50/concurrent user/month
  • Extra call queue/license: RM20/month
  • 1800 toll free hotline numbers:
    • Monthly fee: RM20/number/month
    • Receiving (incoming) call rate: RM0.30/min
  • Voice prompt recording using voice professional voice talent: RM1,500 for each set of 40 prompts. Script to be provided by the client.
    • Language options available: English, Bahasa Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali & Bahasa Indonesia.
Payment Terms
  • All payments are 100% Pre-paid.
  • One month refundable service fee deposit.
General Terms
  1. CSS Guarantees 99% service uptime. In the event that a service uptime of 99% is not met on any day of the month, a one day credit for each day that falls below the service uptime of 99% will be accumulated and applied to the next billing.
  2. Contract Period: None. Pre-Pay as you use.
  3. Two support tickets included per month.
  4. Additional support tickets will be charged at RM100 each
  5. Support is provided via remote desktop and Skype/Phone
  6. On-site support call will be billed at RM1000/day
  7. On-site support and training site must be in Klang Valley Area. Additional charges apply for places out of Klang Valley.
  8. Credit limit for outbound calls: RM100 per concurrent user. Credit limit can be increased by refundable security deposit.
  9. Each concurrent user license comes with one additional call queue.
  10. Setup includes:
    1. Standard IVR Setup. Client has to provide the voice recordings.
    2. ACD Configuration.
    3. Creating of all the agents and supervisor accounts.
    4. Activation of all automated reports.
    5. Configuration of the hotline numbers.
    6. One day training for the supervisor and agents panels.