What is Wide Glider?

Raptor 2.0 is a telco-grade solution that is often too expensive for enterprises or small operators who just want to do wholesale traffic routing. They do not need any retail support and just require plain vanilla soft switch functionality.

We have taken out all the extra bells and whistles from Raptor 2.0 and stripped it down to just whole sale traffic management. The system can be loaded to a single server only!

Wide Glider:

  • is an low cost IP based soft switch solution for enterprises
  • provides comprehensive features for handling whole sale voice traffic
    • can manage wholesales accounts
  • comes with post paid billing and credit control solution:
    • rate and tariff management
    • bill management
    • revenue report
  • can be implemented as an On-demand / Software as a Service (SaaS) model
  • can be deployed in the Cloud
  • does not support any retail functionality
  • can be deployed is a single machine
  • supports SIP & H323 v4 signalling
  • supports smart routing:
    • Priority Routing
    • Percentage Routing
    • Time Based Routing
    • DNIS/ANI Based Routing
    • Account Based Routing
    • Alternate Routing
  • can be deployed and GO LIVE in just 24 hours!

System Requirements

  • Dell R210II Rack Mount Server or similar. The system is tested for performance on Dell R210II machines.
  • Single Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • 2 x 500G SATA HDD
  • 8Gb Memory
  • Dual NIC
  • 2 static IPs

System Capacity

  • 3000 concurrent calls without any RTP
  • 700 concurrent calls with RTP